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Bird Watchers

Cafe Del Rio - 2004

Cafe Del Rio - 2006

Sierra Nevada Trading Company

Cafe Del Rio Interior - 2004

Cafe Del Rio Interior - 2006

Freeway Opening Day

Empty Lot

V&T Railroad Shops in 1939

Morning Snow

Presbyterian Church

Balloon Over Carson Valley

Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church in 1899

St Teresa's in 1938

St Teresa's Catholic Church

Presbyterian Church in 1905

Carson Freeway Fun Run

Division Street, 1920

Division Street, 2006

Downtown Minden

Downtown Minden in 1921

Warren Engine Company in 1940

Warren Engine Company

Warren Engine Co Plaque

The Riverboat

Cafe Del Rio

Cafe Del Rio

Cafe Del Rio

Chism Ice Cream

Cafe Del Rio

Virginia City in 1940

Virginia City

South Carson Street

Carson Street

Freeway Entrance


Virginia City Mansion

Morning in Carson Valley


Larry Willson's Statue

Larry Willson's Statue

Larry Willson's Statue

Larry Willson's Statue

Starbucks Sign

Starbucks Construction

Virginia City Courthouse

Comstock Lodge

Outside the Lodge



Full Moon


Arby's Construction (Carson)

Arby's Construction (Minden)


Speed Limit


Mud Puddle

Swollen River