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Minden Starbucks

802 S. Nevada St

Western Nevada Supply Construction

8th Street Construction

Downtown Carson


Supreme Court East Side

Supreme Court South Side




Centerville Saloon

Nye Building

Nevada Supreme Court

Valley Bar

Valley Bar

Valley Bar

Sunny Acres

State Orphan's Home

3040 S. Edmonds

3300 S. Edmonds

2800 S. Edmonds

1799 Fairview Drive

Nevada State Orphan's Home in 1885

Nevada State Children's Home in 1910


Bliss Mansion

Bliss Mansion

Signal Work

Bender House

Bender House

Bender House

Chinese Workers Museum

Job's Peak

V&T Engine 29

Railroad Ave in the 1910s

Hwy 395 in Minden

DCFS Cottages

Nevada State Children's Home in 1940

Nevada State Children's Home Cupola

Boys and Girls Club Gymnaisum

Central School in the 1890s

Central School in the 1890s

300 Block of N. Minnesota

300 Block of N. Minnesota

Carriage Sheds

402 N. Minnesota

Snowy Tree

David Smaill House in 1885

Professional Anesthesia Services

Blue Skies

Smaill House

St Peters

Old Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, Demolished

Pizza Hut Rebuilt

New Pizza Hut

Mom and Pop's

Carson-Tahoe Lumberyard in 1877

South Carson Street