All Photos Photographed by Unknown

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Cottage 3 Boys

Bicentennial Celebration

Cadets at NHP Academy Shave Heads in Honor of Dep. Chief Brian Sanchez

Deogee and Honey

Marin County Soup Line

Lumber Flume From top of the hill

Carson Depot

No Beer Sold to Indians

Carson Street

HotelTobar and Post office ~ H.J. Rutherford, Properitor

The Steamer Tahoe, on the Lake...

Wild Horses in The Carson Valley ~ Gardnerville

St. Marys in the Mountains ~ Virginia City

Virginia City

Virginia City ~ The Delta

Virginia Street Bridge and Masonic Temple~ Reno

Pogonip ~ Virginia City

Nugget ~ After Dark....

Minden Inn


Sullivan's Service Station, Carson City

Carson City Opera House

Carson Street, Burros....

The way it was....